Le Grand Colbert

My favorite restaurant in Paris tends to sway with my mood, anytime someone asks me for a recommendation the first thing off the tip of my tongue is Le Grand Colbert. This gorgeous place is a must for anyone traveling to Paris seeking fine food, exceptional service and an inviting atmosphere. The restaurant is located, quite discreetly behind the Jardin du Palais Royal at 2 Rue Vivienne in Paris’ second arrondissement. The cuisine is traditional homemade French with the freshest ingredients. Everything from the appetizer to the desert will make you smile. The dinning experience here is an entire evening. You can put away a few bottles of wine, or their specialty cocktails with friends while enjoying the sumptuous feast placed before you. The staff est incroyable! Friendly, warm, and engaging, not tired of tourist and pissed at the world, these people make you feel welcome. By the time you stumble out the door, content with everything in your life, you will be surprised when you look at the clock and see it is already midnight. Le Grand Colbert is the quintessential French dinning experience that everyone should spoil themselves to at least once in their life. For additional information, check out their website here.

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