Bosom Buddies

Last weekend for a couple of days Danny had his friends gather in Vegas for another Malibu yacht excursion. This show was called the Danny Spice: You’re Welcome tour, close to closing the 2020 residency. We took the private jet to LAX then went to the pier and joined the fabulous crew awaiting us at the yacht. We performed a number of numbers, and our Bosom Buddies routine was anything but. If you don’t know Mame’s Bosom Buddies performed by Angela Lansbury and Bea Arthur, go watch it now. Daniel is indeed my bosom buddy as we have been through so much together, no matter how far apart we have lived, we always bonded. Below our some of the amazing photos we took over the two days. We did a lot this tour and the costume changes were happening fast. Enjoy.

The weekend consisted of Bottomless Mimosas(daily) at SugarCane, flirting with the staff is a given no matter how heterosexual they claim to be. Limo rides to the private jet to LAX then transporting to the pier where we jumped on Daniel’s private yacht and made our way towards Cher’s house in Malibu. The Yacht is where many of the numbers took place, but we also ate and drank a lot, the bagels and lox were our reason for living so early in the morning. Once we returned to Vegas we had a day in the private VIP Cabana at the Venetian Pool, Gourmet Hotdog lunches, an outstanding Dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas, The Beef Wellington is the star of the show so if you ever go to Vegas, do yourself a favor and go enjoy the most delicious meal you’ll ever have. We also had cocktails at the Chandelier bar in the Cosmopolitan, where Daniel was mistaken for a movie star(not hard to believe). We also enjoyed an evening taking the High Roller ferris wheel with an incredible view of all of Vegas, and another dinner at the Eiffel Tower restaurant. The escargot served there was unlike any other I have ever had, not bad, just different. We had a few more meals at an assortment of restaurants and a lot more drinks at even more of an assortment of fabulous places. There wasn’t enough time on this brief trip to gamble, so if anyone asks, I didn’t have an opportunity to gamble and obviously couldn’t have lost much, if any, money. Daniel, being the most amazing person in the world surprised me with a gift, a Rose Nylund holiday keepsake. She talks!

Watch the Legendary DannyLee and Kevin Nicholas Gavit perform their classic Bosom Buddies!

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Kevin thought he saw a quarter.
The Smokey Cocktail from Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas was delicious!
Into the Woods part of Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Garden Autumn Display 2020

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