Io, Saturnalia!

The “Holiday Season” is upon us. That time where religions steal ideas from previous religions to celebrate made up events and try to recruit others to their cult under a guise of happiness and celebration. I have decided that this year I am going to celebrate Saturnalia. Lucky for me, Christianity stole many of the Saturnalia traditions, so it will be easy.

Saturnalia is a week long celebration starting around 17 December and ending on the Winter Solstice. This Roman celebration is derived from many other similar events from different locations around the world. Saturnalia celebrations included slaves being served by their masters, groups wandering around naked and singing (caroling), and decorating trees outdoors with fertility signs such as the sun, stars and moons, as well as adding greenery inside the house such as wreaths. Gold & Green are the colors of the holiday, mulsum was drunk in abundance (a drink of wine and honey). In all reality the festival celebration was a type of Thanksgiving to Saturn, the god of Agriculture for providing a bountiful harvest.

This holiday season, remember that there is no God or Gods. It is up to humans to treat each other well with respect and dignity. Cures are provided by science and scientist, and good luck is just being fortunate, nothing else. While you buy presents, and an abundance of food this season, please remember there are too many people in this world who do not have coats or warmth to keep out the chill, children are going to bed hungry. Please do not give your donations to a greedy corporation like Salvation Army, instead find charities that help others without exceptions.

Io, Saturnalia!

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