Stimulus Checkmate?

The calendar year of 2020 has had to been one of the worst on records. The COVID-19 Pandemic infecting millions, hundreds of thousands died, and the us president and his GOP Trump party have denied it’s a real threat. Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler sold her stocks when she heard in a private meeting about how bad the virus could be, she made money off of the pandemic while the people who elected her went without jobs, food and shelter. Although it was encouraging to see Biden & Harris win the election multiple times, the current asshole in chief is still plotting his coup, and now threatening a government shutdown. So for those who have been lucky enough to have been able to continue to work this past year, you might not be getting any more paychecks.

I have been very lucky this year as my job was an easy transition to teleworking from home. I have been fortunate enough to been able to travel to Texas to see family and Vegas/Malibu to see friends. I have been able to pay my bills, keep food on the table and a roof over my head. I am just one of the few lucky ones. So many people were not as fortunate and the us government want a round of applause for giving you a $600 stimulus check, that will be paid from your own money. $600. The salary of of United States senator is $174,000. Mitch Mcconnell (Moscow Mitch) earns $193,400. These figures do not include the bribes they receive from lobbyist and criminal organizations like the NRA. If you are an American and this hasn’t pissed you off yet to the point where you’re plotting the execution of every member of the GOP, you are not paying attention. Although some democrats have been pushing for $2000 monthly checks, that was never going to fly with the piece of shit mitch mcconnell who wants money for himself. Now the president says he wants $2000 stimulus checks for Americans. Either he is stupid enough to believe that a small amount of money will get the american people to join his crusade in illegally overthrowing the American government, or he just wanted to say a big fuck you to everyone and shut down the government before he leaves.

If you are a Georgia voter, please do you part to make it possible for the US to thrive by electing Jon Ossoff & Raphael Warnock. The GOP have stated very clearly they will block anything the Biden/Harris administration attempt to do when it comes to vaccines, security, military, unemployment, creating a better america for americans …the GOP are acting like spoiled children and it is time to take them out to the wood shed. Don’t let politicians treat you like pawns, you deserve better.

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