Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

The last year has really brought out the online shopper in me; I’ve purchased everything from clothing, costumes, musical instruments and archery equipment. I have had the Samsung Galaxy S 9+ for two years and it has been a fabulous phone. I started my Samsung love affair over 4 years ago when I first got the Galaxy S 7 edge, it was such a unique and remarkable device.

Prior to this I had experimented with iPhone and even the Microsoft phone, but I was very disappointed with their quality. I had been doing research as to a new phone just out of boredom really, three hours in to the boredom I had placed an order for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G on the Samsung website. I had seen ads for this phone for a while now, plus with a husband who is Korean he told me about all the advantages of this phone as he had already seen one in Korea last year. The phone does not disappoint. The glass is incredibly thin, so the phone is not a obnoxiously bulky, even with a cover on and folded up it can slip into my pocket. When open it’s a beautiful smooth service, glancing at it one would think it was just an ordinary tablet. The cameras on this phone are the highest quality, as always. Samsung cameras make a joke out of iPhone cameras, and I will be glad to prove that to any disbelievers. I am a rare breed, as I still enjoy talking to people on the phone. I love that this phone is narrow when folded up, it makes grasping it very comfortable in the hand. On top of all of these fabulous perks I also got a $300 trade in for my old phone, a new Active 2 smart watch and the new Galaxy Buds Live in Mystic Blue all for free.

I wish I could properly describe the amazingness this phone offers, but to do it justice, you really must pick one up and play with it yourself. For those of you tired of paying too much money for Apple products that don’t actually improve with “updates” or new models, take the leap and get yourself a Samsung, trust me, you won’t regret it.

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