Covid Vaccinated

I was able to schedule my vaccine for COVID-19 at Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. My appointment was at 4:36pm on Sunday February 21st and I would be receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Me being me, arrived 30 minutes early. I wandered around the outside of the field for a while and noticed people trickling in and out, and a loud announcement was playing on repeat that those with appointments would be able to enter 15 minutes before. There was no line outside, so that made me feel better. When I did go inside it was very well regulated. Stickers all over the floor indicating 6 feet separation, and there were only 4 people in line in front of me. The staff was friendly and were very well suited for the experience as they had us moving quite quickly. In front of me was an elderly woman and her grandson who was also her caretaker, so he was able to get vaccinated too. They were adorable to watch as the grandmother was about 5 foot tall and the grandson was well over 6 feet, it was adorable as she held his arm when they were walking. I sat down at my station, the nurse asked me the routine questions and did the injection all within 60 seconds. He gave me a card, told me to wait 15 minutes in the designated section and I was off. The card had a link to schedule my 2nd dose and they even had staff on computer assisting folks make their next appointments if they didn’t have smartphones. My second appointment was scheduled for Sunday March 14th at 1:30pm. I was terrified as that is the day of the time change so I was certain I was going to arrive an hour early or an hour late. The day following the first vaccine I only had a dull headache. I took two aspirin and it went away with no additional side effects.

The second dose appointment finally arrived and the process went even faster than the first time, there was nobody in front of me in line and I was in and out of there in under 20 minutes. I got my cool button that exclaimed I was vaccinated at Fenway Park and my vaccination card. I was set. The following day I took off of work as I heard the 2nd dose provided more serious side effects. I however, felt nothing. I was tired, but I mostly believe that was due to the time change and little sleep the night before. It has been over a week now and still now side effects. I am very happy that I was able to get my vaccine in such an easy and painless way. I hope enough safe vaccines are soon distributed around the world and to those who really need it. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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