Women I Admire

March is Women’s History Month in the United States. This is a month where we should educate ourselves and others of the incredible women throughout history who made the world a better place. This education should inspire all children to know that no matter your gender, you can do everything you want to do. Listed below are just a few of the Women that I admire.

Hillary Clinton– The Woman who should be President of the United States has spent her entire career fighting to make the world a better place. She is an inspiration to me and millions more.

Rose Valland– This brave and courageous woman defied the Nazis who occupied France in WWII by keeping detailed journals of stolen artwork, who it belonged to and where it was sent. The outstanding work she did led to those who survived the war to regain some of their stolen property.

Bette Midler– Talented, creative, funny…this woman inspires me on a daily basis.

Katherine Johnson– This mathematician made space travel a reality, achieving so much, NASA would not be where they are today without this dynamic individual.

Queen Margot of France– I have adored Margot ever since I first learned about her. Although born to Royalty, her domineering mother never cared for her as she did for her sons. Forced into a loveless marriage, she was able to separate from her husband but still remain close to his new family.

Rebecca Lee Crumpler– The first African American woman to get an MD in the US. She faced racism and sexism but was not deterred, as her goal was to help others, which she did.

Chien-Shiung Wu– A Chinese born, American Experimental Physicist who worked on the Manhattan project and she herself should have been awarded a Nobel Prize. Being a Chinese immigrant in the US at that time was not easy, but she worked hard and is remembered today as the First Lady of Physics.

Again, this is just a very brief list of a few of the many women who have created a better world and have inspired me to do so as well. I left off the Golden Girls and Spice Girls, but please note that they rank very high too.

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