A Cure for Diabetes

It was 100 years ago when Banting & Best discovered insulin and now because of there outstanding achievements, Type 1 Diabetics can live long, healthy, and happy lives. Dr. Banting was able to give a class on diabetes in 1920 and within 3 years discovered a way to treat diabetes. This was a miraculous event and a testimony to the possibilities of what science can achieve.

Today, it appears that the Canadians are on the way to a cure for Diabetes in human beings. At the University of Alberta a research team led by Dr. James Shapiro, has been able to consistently cure diabetes in mice and are now looking to move to humans. The method is used by human stem cells to create functional insulin producing pancreatic cells. This would be administered through a single injection, and would not require anti-rejection drugs, side effects or organ donors. The thousands of mice with Diabetes have been cured, so this looks to be the next greatest step for human Diabetics.

There is unfortunately one down side: the cost of research needed. Right now, Dr. Shapiro’s team needs to raise 22 million by 2022 to start the human trials. So, if you have a few dollars to spare to help end Diabetes, I highly encourage you to donate here: Heading to 2022, they set up a fun snow angel challenge to increase the awareness. So, please donate if you can, this could be the end of Diabetes! I will personally match every dollar donated to this cause, just comment below and tell me how much you donated and I will double it.

Thank you very much!

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