Dry January…NO!

Dry January. You might be asking yourself what the heck is that. Apparently it is a crackpot idea for people to abstain from alcohol for the entirety of the month of January. I was wondering if more drunk driving happened in January, the answer was no, I asked if more domestic violence occurred in January do to an uptake of alcohol in that month, again the answer was no. This “month-long observance” is basically a waste of time and energy. It does not target helping fight addiction, it is meant for the entirety of the population. That is absurd. I’m a Type A personality, so if I do something I do it right. I expect the same from everyone else. All this “event” does is lessen the income of bartenders, bar staff, liquor store owners, shot boys and others who rely on alcohol to pay their bills. If you want to make a month to fighting alcohol addiction, great, but don’t tell and expect a large portion of the population to forgo their drinking on whatever level they may be. Mental Health Month, anybody?

This is almost as stupid and ludicrous as Movember, because men need a month to focus on their health in the United States. They are the minority population who hasn’t had almost everything handed to them. Plus, all of you guys growing mustaches and beards look like garbage. I digress. 2020 was a horrible year, so many people getting sick and dying, events and celebrations canceled, the drag show I was so excited to see in Vegas got their opening pushed back to 2021. If you want a drink in January, by all means, enjoy that drink. There is no need to feel guilty as long as you are not operating heavy equipment and not solely responsible of a child or children.

Black History Month is just around the corner, why not put focus on that. I know, as an American that received an American public education, that the entire country needs to learn more about Black History than just the names of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and Harriet Tubman.

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