With the freezing temperatures outdoors this winter, I take my daily stroll around the park. I’m surprised to see so many ducks(and geese) still in the area. I would have thought they would have flown south by now. Today it was 18F/ -7.78C but with the wind chill it felt 3F/ -16.11C. I’m all bundled up loving the cool weather, but how the hell can these ducks survive in the even cooler water? There is ice over a good portion of the lake, but these silly ducks are walking on the ice and jumping in the water. I did a little research and discovered that the average duck body temperature is 107.5F/ 41.94C, but seriously? I know their feathers help with the insulation, but I would be in the Bahamas by now. Ducks are cute and strong, I want to make them little fur coats for the winter time. Ok weird rant over. Have a nice day.🦆❤

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