Black Lives Matter

Large crowds gather again across the united states and in other cities around the world because of another unjust murder of an innocent man. A police officer degraded, humiliated and then killed this man. The police officer was white, the victim was black. This has been a reoccurring theme in the united states for a while now. Below is a list of some of those who have been murdered. These are not accidental murders, these are murders of people who were murdered because of the color of their skin. The people, who should still be with us were someones Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Niece, Nephew, and friend. Not one of these people deserved to die the brutal and barbaric way that they were killed.

Christian Cooper
Amaud Arbery
Bothem Sean
Atatiana Jefferson
Jonathan Ferrell
Renisha McBride
Stephon Clark

Jordan Edwards
Jordan Davis
Alton Sterling
Aiyana Jones
Mike Brown
The Charleston 9
Trayvon Martin
Sean Bell
Oscar Grant
Sandra Bland
Philando Castile
Corey Jones
John Crawford
Terrence Crutcher
Keith Scott
Clifford Glover
Claude Reese
Randy Evans
Yvonne Smallwood
Amadou Diallo
Walter Scott
Eric Garner
Freddie Gray
George Floyd

BLACK LIVES MATTER is not stating that only Black Lives Matter. It is a movement that is fighting hundreds of years of Racism in the Unites States that continues through to today. This movement isn’t asking for anything but to be treated as equals. All people should feel safe and comfortable when facing a police officer. Their job is to serve and protect not frighten and intimidate.

I hope that the United States finds an actual leader and law makers who will help the people of the United States. Every Police Officer, every guard, anyone who is in a position of authority and power should be made to receive MANDATORY Mental Health Counseling on a regular basis.

BLACK LIVES MATTER means All Lives Matter. Black people are the ones who are being systematically killed because of the color of their skin, until the United States can actually work towards ending racism, in all forms, these travesties will continue. This is why I urge you to join the fight to end racism. Volunteer, protest, call your elected officials and demand justice for all of those who have been denied.

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