The Terror Inside

It has been a while since I have written a new post, after the horrible election night outcome I have been battling a surge of emotions. Anger, Sadness, Terror, Hatred, Regret, Loathing….the list goes on.
Thinking that someone as egotistical and narcissistic as he could be president is scary enough, but when you combine that with the pure evil and hatred that is his running mate…the first image to always come to my mind is The End. I can only envision a mushroom cloud over the entire world and not a single survivor left. Then my mind starts to race backwards from that point to question how it was even possible. I go back to the USA being cut off from the rest of the world, not even allowing travel to or from. I see the maniacal egotist acting like a child and ruining all world relations. I see the public executions of vocal protesters, and the private executions of millions of blacks, muslims, jews, gays, feminist, trans, anyone who doesn’t fit in to their perspective of what America should be. I see the first terror attack against the united states, and from that the horrible one in charge makes law that all Muslim Americans must be registered, propaganda similar to the Nazi’s comes out warning all Good Americans to keep an eye on anyone whose skin color is not white…and then as the hatred fires on enveloping the country and no news of truth can be found, few notice as millions are rounded up and taken to internment camps. I see safe zones in cities across the country where good people (democrat, republican, independent, etc) try to work to end the reign of evil, but then witness these cities destroyed because they were a threat to his America…

Since election night, the hate crimes committed by his supporters have spiked all around the country, targeting everyone who isn’t a white male. He has staffed his new team with some of the most bigoted, homophobic, racist, sexist and purely evil people living today. Leaving the country has never been so appealing to more Americans than it is right now. Unfortunately, most Americans do not have the resources to do something so drastic. I feel like a bystander in pre war Germany, seeing how bad things are and the terrifying feeling that it will only get worse. I wish I could go back in time and stop Hitler, I also wish I could do something to stop this regime.

I hope the world doesn’t end the way my mind is telling me it will. I hope there will be brightness, laughter and more love in the world. I will be living in France permanently, but I encourage everyone I love who are determined to stay in the USA to PLEASE keep each other safe. Stand and fight if the need arises, I have always fought for the underdog, and I will be happy to return to fight until the end.

Remember, I’m just a quick flight and a coup d’état away.


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