United Healthcare Doesn’t!

It has been 23 days since my blog about United Healthcare by Oxford ruining my life.  I would like to say that they have realized the damage they cause to their patients, but anyone who has United Healthcare by Oxford knows they would never admit to their horrible mistakes.

I want to thank everyone who read and shared my first post. I had an overwhelming response and so much support, I am a very lucky guy.

The amazing people at the Mannkind Corporation (the awesome people who make Afrezza) reached out to me and are even helping me get the medicine until United Healthcare by Oxford gets the much needed slap in the face.

My endocrinologist has filled out all the necessary paperwork and documents for the appeal process, twice now and both times have been rejected. My endocrinologist’s office has been working with those concerned and fabulous people at Mannkind to find a way to get this medicine covered for me.

Over the last 3 weeks I have received 6 separate letters from United Healthcare by Oxford telling me I won’t be getting coverage for Afrezza. Why, you ask? Because of those same reasons: I’m not blind, disfigured, near death or deathly terrified of needles. In each letter from United Healthcare by Oxford I am told I only get 60 days to appeal their decision and that I will have to pay all fees for any appeal.

Here is a question everyone should be asking: Why is United Healthcare by Oxford making it impossible to get Afrezza? The cost of the medication is the same as the insulin pens I used to get. The medicine has been on the market for a few years now. The medicine helps people better maintain their blood sugars. Oh, and its been approved by the FDA since 06/27/2014.

So, again I ask, why is United Healthcare by Oxford discouraging people from getting Afreeza? We all know MONEY is what drives a corporation like United Healthcare by Oxford, so how are they making money from not filling Afrezza prescriptions?

In 2007 multiple companies were working on manufacturing inhalable insulin, those companies were Mannkind Corporation, Alkermes working with Eli Lilly and co, and Aradigm with Novo Nordisk. (Pfizer was FDA approved for their inhalable insulin Exubera, but they took it off the market at that time.) Of these three, Mannkind has been the only successful one to not only manufacture an inhalable insulin, but also get FDA approval and help change the lives of so many diabetics. Afrezza should be easily obtainable for every diabetic. Corporations that force jumping through so many hoops for people with diseases is unethical, immoral and should be illegal. If United Healthcare by Oxford is being paid off by another drug company not to cover Afrezza prescriptions, everyone involved should be locked up.

I have been on Afrezza now for 48 days, and it has really changed my life. I no longer have to excuse myself during work to go to a bathroom to drop my pants and inject myself. Over the last 48 days I have only had to inject myself 48 times instead of 192. I am no longer bruising on my arms, legs, stomach or buttocks. My A1C has got to a much better number. I have had no drastic highs or lows…the highest blood sugar reading I had over the last 48 days was 183, the lowest was 74…After 27 years, my diabetes is finally under exceptional control and the stress I used to feel worrying about my blood sugar is slowly alleviating.

I am now in the process of speaking to lawyers and reporters about this. I am not doing this just for myself, I want to make it clear to United Healthcare by Oxford that they do not have the power or ability to tell people what medicine they should be using. I will not settle just for my own coverage, I won’t stop until they cover Afrezza for all diabetics. If United Healthcare by Oxford is getting paid off for not covering Afrezza, I want to take them to the supreme court and finally get some real changes and laws passed for better healthcare in the United States.

Spread the word, United Healthcare by Oxford must be stopped!



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