Dexcom G6

Another life altering event has smiled upon me. I recently began seeing a new endocrinologist who has an unblemished reputation as one of the best. To be honest, I just thought he was good looking and I demand that my healthcare providers be gorgeous. What happens if the apocalypse happens while I’m getting a physical? I want to make sure I can spend the rest of my life with someone pretty to look at, especially if it’s just the two of us left. Anyway, he suggested that I stop pricking my fingers for blood glucose monitoring and switch to the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitoring(CGM). I was skeptical at first, but he then went over all of the CGM models available and explained why he suggested this one above all else.

Dexcom G6 is worn for 10 days at a time. It is worn in the abdominal area with no pain and no bulky equipment. It was incredibly easy to install on myself. The blood sugar readings are then sent every 5 minutes to the receiver. The beauty of this is that you get a receiver but it can also be sent to your smartphone. Better yet, if the wearer of the device is younger or if you have someone who likes to keep abreast of your blood sugars, your numbers can be shared with another device. If my dad had this option when I was younger, I am positive he would have broken down and actually got a smartphone, as it is, he is still satisfied with the flip phone he has had for ten years. 

Being able to have my blood sugars displayed on my phone constantly is incredible. I’m able to set warning so of my levels dip below a certain point or rise above a certain point an actual alarm will sound to notify me. As amazing as this is, it can also be a bit of a burden as I strive to keep my blood always at 100. Being perfection has its challenges and this is just another. As soon as my blood sugar goes up even a tiny bit I grab for my insulin to bring it down. I need to realize that it will fluctuate from time to time and just accept that I can’t control it as tightly as I wish I could. 

Today my blood sugar was outstanding: my low was 79, my high was 93. I was averaging around 89 most of the day. Obviously today was an exception and not the rule, but it just goes to show that with a continuous glucose monitor keep blood sugar levels in check can be easily accomplished.

Even though I have only been using the Dexcom G6 CGM for a little over two weeks, I can testify to how life changing this is. My younger brother who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a few years ago lives in Texas. He wanted to get the Dexcom but even with his health insurance the cost would be over $200 a month. I’m lucky since I only pay $75 for a three month supply. So, obviously look in to cost with your health insurance and speak to your endocrinologist about ways to make this affordable to you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to Dexcom directly to ask for support. They have a fantastic product and want to get the word out.

Health Insurance companies are always an up hill battle. They are private businesses and should not be allowed to treat human beings the way they do. Some, like United Healthcare, who accept bribes from competing suppliers to deny coverage of certain medications or supplies prove how they only care about money and not health. But this is an entirely different discussion, all together. (Airplane reference, I hope you giggled).

So, to recap: get on Dexcom G6 CGM and Afrezza Inhalable insulin to watch your A1C near perfection. If you have any questions, please use the contact section of my website to let me know.

Learn more about the discovery of Insulin here.

More info on Afrezza’s amazingness here.

More info on horrible United Healthcare here and here.

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