Two Fathers

Recently I began watching a Taiwanese tv series called Two Fathers. The show is a comedy/drama from 2013, that stars Weber Yang and Lin You-Wei. The synopsis for the series is this: two guys find out that they both slept with the same woman and she gave birth to a baby girl. The woman disappears after giving birth and leaves a letter to both guys saying that they are the father. The show then explores what it’s like for two heterosexual men living together and raising a little girl as a family.

I love this show for multiple reasons, I think the biggest reason is that it shows how families come in many different ways. In the first episode the guys say that they can get a DNA test to see who the real father is, but neither one of them want to risk losing the child. Later on, in the girls school the teacher ask the guys who is the “real” father and they both state definitively in unison that they both are. The guys are total opposite in almost every way, basically it The Odd Couple with Felix and Oscar raising a daughter. Even though both guys are handsome, successful and a catch for any woman, neither of them even date explaining that their daughter,Wen di, is the only woman in their life. 

Although this show does not fall under the LGBT realm of activism and entertainment, it does help explain how families don’t require 1 Mother and 1 Father. I find this very important as I want to adopt a child or children one day, either by myself or if I meet the right man, with my husband.  I have posted before why adoption is important to me, I just wish that the idiot, homophobic, closed-minded politicians making laws would understand better. Which takes me to my next point:

In Oklahoma, their Senate has passed a bill (S.B. 1140) allowing adoption agencies the right to refuse LGBT, single parents and interfaith marriages from adopting if it stands against their religious or moral values. In a state where the foster program is maxed out they now want to make it more difficult for those kids to have a loving home. An amendment was added by the house that states that if any agency does refuse adoption for those reasons they will no longer receive State Funding. Although, it might sound like an adequate compromise, it is still a homophobic and racist law.

When homosexuals decide to start a family, actual family planning happens. It takes money, research, a good attorney, home inspections, a thorough background check and much more. How dare anyone, especially a politician or religious zealot say that homosexuals shouldn’t be parents. Politicians refuse to allow proper sex education and condoms in schools, deny healthcare to all and berate any woman who seeks an abortion. It’s no wonder why there are so many unhappy families and children left to a crummy system that does nothing to help them. Christian extremist, who have as much in common with Jesus as I have with a seashell, have no room for judgment either. Having a dozen children and then parading them on the TLC channel shows just how unfit they are to be parents. Sarah Palin and her tramp of a daughter Bristol who both preach abstinence are a great example of how Christians are today, follow what I say not what I do. Bristol if you ever read this, if there is a hell, you will spend eternity there.

There are too many children in orphanages and foster facilities in the United States and many other countries around the globe. Governments need to allow families, no matter how they come, to adopt these children and give them loving and stable homes.

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