What if

In the early morning hours of July 1918 the Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, their four daughters Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and their son, Alexi were brutally murdered. Nicholas II had many troubles over his reign starting with the Khodnyka Tragedy within his first year as Tsar, and even bigger international embarrassments such as the Russo Japanese War. Not to mention Bloody Sunday, the 1905 revolution or Rasputin…there were many problems. 

I ask this one question and marvel at the possibilities that could have been: What if Nicholas II had not abdicated himself and son. What if the entire family were not executed. What if Nicholas encouraged the White Party to assist him with setting up a democracy in Russia. Accepted blame for the many atrocities he had caused and committed over his reign, and provided a plan to help Russia grow strong. Basically he and his family would keep the titles but the power would belong to the people. Something akin to the UK.

Would Alexei’s hemophilia been a driving force to push scientific breakthroughs and hopefully a cure? Could Russian scientists have dominated the field and propelled Russia as a scientific leader. Cure for diseases, greater space exploration, perhaps there would already be a cure for cancer and a colony on Mars. Peraphs Chernobyl could have been avoided and new sustainable energy would be the norm. With Russia doing more, it would have motivated the US and China to do better too. Other powerhouses such as Japan and Korea have proved how intelligent they are and this could have really pushed the envelope for human intelligence. The Space Race might have been a joint collaboration between multiple countries all achieving a great height together. This could have changed global warming on earth and the world wide pollution could have been eliminated.

If the Red Party never succeeded with Communism in Russia, that would have changed the timeline dramatically. If the Nazis still managed to rise to power, Russia as an Alley could have stopped World War II much quicker, especially without Poland for the Nazis to destroy. The Vietnam war would never had taken place, along with the Cold War and the Korean War. Hundreds of Millions of lives could have been saved.

Could Russia have become a great society? Leading in the fields of science and technology, could have changed many things, particularly if communism was no longer on the table. The world could have become an amazing place, an Earth of intelligence. It’s very weird to think of how a few simple changes could have made a huge difference. Russia has an extensive history of deranged leaders and it looks like the US wants to follow their example. Hopefully not though, a utopia would nice.


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