National Espresso Day

The 23rd day of November is National Espresso Day in the United States. I myself never cared for coffee or espresso while living in the US, but when I moved to Paris, my friend Curt and I would regularly meet up after lunch to sit and people watch while sipping a few espressos. I had become addicted to the thick full bodied drink bursting with flavor requiring nothing else but a light sweetener. Now, I tend to have espresso daily. My loving family members bought me an espresso machine for the holidays last year, and that has really enabled my addiction. Drinking espresso does not have to be done at a certain time of day, it can be the early morning, late afternoon, evening, anytime the craving comes through. Although, I do not really see a need for a full day dedicated to Espresso, I can understand the passion behind it. So, today I will raise my quadruple espresso to this delicious Italian beverage.



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