Christmas Markets

One of my favorite things about the holiday season are the Christmas Markets. Living in Paris at Christmas time can be a real treat. The festivities abound all across the city, and along with those are the legendary markets, the Marchés de Noël.

These markets, anywhere from 15 to 25, pop up starting in mid November filled with stalls and vendors selling homemade toys and goods, delicious food and vin chaud(mulled wine). The smell of roasted chestnuts fills the air and a sense of peace and happiness seems to embrace the crowd. Growing up in the united states holiday shopping is a horrible and dreaded ritual. In France, and most of Europe actually, holiday markets make shopping an entirely enjoyable experience. The items for sale are mostly unique and crafted by the seller, arts & crafts abound, and you’re sure to find something exceptional you must have. So if you’re in Paris this holiday season, make a point to spend one of those dark and chilly days in a holiday market, it’s sure to warm your spirit.  



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