JetBlue Mint

I recently took a flight to Las Vegas from the east coast. I decided to try flying JetBlue Mint, as I have never have before. To sum it up quickly, it was outstanding service, comfort and style at a reasonable price. Mint is JetBlue’s version of first class, and they did an impeccable job.

With the cost of Mint, you also get two checked bags, speedy airport security and priority boarding. Mint Checked bags are garunteed to be first on the carousel as well making you exit from the airport even quicker. My flight had five rows in the Mint section. Rows 1, 3 & 5 had two sets of 2 seats. Rows 2 & 4 each had two individual seats where you can close a door to have your own private cabin(see video below). I had seat 2A each way, so I really enjoyed my own private quarters for my flights. When I arrived to my seat I had a menu for the meal selections, a pair of Master & Dynamic MH40 Noise canceling headphones, a wellness kit that included essentials for the flight (specific to time of flight and destination), my morning flight kit was called Awake and my afternoon flight was Flow, and also a Tuft & Needle snoozer, containing pillow, comforter, sleep mask and comfy socks. All seats in Mint are lie-flat, which combined with the pillow and comforter make for an incredible sleep. The seat also has a built in vibration function and multiple seating positions for optimum comfort. The Touchscreen media unit also come with a built in remote in the armrest.

The flight attendants where outstanding on both flights. The provided exceptional service with detailed care and attention. Before my drink was empty they were at my door ready to provide a refill. The menu consisted of multiple options to choose from including appetizer and dessert and a specialized cocktail and mocktail drink menu to pair with your chosen meal. The food was freshly prepared on the flight, and was delicious. It was filling enough to not leave you hungry, but not too much to make you feel stuffed and gross.

As soon as JetBlue begins European flights, I will be flying Mint much more often. I highly encourage JetBlue Mint for a long distance flight, and dare I say the flight might be more enjoyable than the destination.😉

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