Job Searching during a pandemic

Two weeks ago I received a phone call. It was a preliminary screening for a job I had applied to a month before. The woman who called was incredibly friendly, enjoyed my answers and told me she would recommend me to her supervisor. She told me they had a three step process for new applicants, so I knew not too get to excited too fast.

I logged on to my LinkedIn account and she had already added me on there as a connection. I looked at my website and she had also viewed a few of my pages. I can see who views my website from which country, and she was in Poland, so that’s how I knew she was background checking me. I received an email the next afternoon about a video interview the following week. I was very excited about this as I can really shine on video,with the rightlighting of course. Unfortunately my apartment lighting is not ideal, and the interview was going to be too early in the morning for proper natural light. My darling brother sent me a ring light to help. Me, being me have now done about a million photoshoots with my new lighting equipment. (Thank you, Kyle!)

The video interview went incredibly well. I did some research on my interviewer, whose husband’s name is Kevin and who was also born outside of France in an English speaking country, but now lives in Paris full time. I was very happy with the interview, as it seemed to be gold stars across the board.

The only real issue I could see would be the company sponsoring a work visa for me, however that had not seemed to be a problem for anyone I spoke with yet. My phone screening was two Wednesdays ago, my video interview was last Wednesday, I was told they have a few more interviews lined up, so I am really hoping to hear good news sometime this week. Waiting for a response feels like the most stressful part about all of this. I have been very lucky throughout the pandemic, as I have been fully employed and able to work entirely from home. Although I do enjoy my current career and colleagues, I am ready for a change. Please wish you luck as I wait eagerly for a positive response. Merci.

While I am waiting to hear back, if any other fabulous companies in Paris want to hire an amazing person, check out my resume/CV here.

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