What happens in Vegas…is published far and wide

Picture it, Las Vegas, Tuesday June first, twenty twenty-one: A young, devestatingly handsome man walks out of the McCarren International Airport carrying his two louis vuitton bags and walks over to the limo pick up section. Here is where he is greeted with open arms by his dearest friend Daniel. They’ve known each other for most of their lives, thats almost 18 years (if your counting). Kevin was incredibly relieved and excited to see his friend as Daniel goes big, and the darling brought a fabulous limo to collect him from the airport and transport them to the Venetian. The driver handed the fellas a bottle of champagne, and Daniel first told Kevin the Vegas news. Mask were no longer required anywhere (except Uber), so all of their activities would be well captured and easily identifiable should anything be submitted for evidence. Welp. Happy to breathe the fresh 108 degree farenheit air and smell the smokers disgusting and repulsive smells, Kevin removed his mask and inhaled with pleasure. Anyway, they made their way to the Venetian where the lovely Taylr checked them in and was kind enough to give young Kevin an upgrade, free of charge. They dropped off Kevin’s bags and headed to their watering hole, Sugarcane!

Sugarcane is the greatest place inside the Venetian. The staff there(servers, hosts, managers) are all such incredible people, welcoming you warmly to their fine establishment. Daniel and Kevin have been regulars there for well over a year at this point, and Raquel (the greatest woman alive) is a big part of why. The food and drinks are incredibly delicious and inventive, and I garuntee you’ll be craving their menu items year round. Unfortunately for Daniel and Kevin, Raquel was not there on Tuesdays, so they messaged her on social media, and promised to return two days later to enjoy her company. Tuesday evening Daniel, his partner Andie and Kevin went to a drag show at the Cats Meow, a karaoke bar in Freemont. There they were joined by their friend Nick and his group of friends all lovely people, however names are always difficult to remember, especially after a full day of drinking. The drag queen who was hosting name was Savannah, and you had better believe she was one of the greatest host that Kevin had ever seen. The entire establishment was in stitches from laughing so hard.

Wednesday was glorious pool day. Daniel reserved his private cabana and they were joined through the day by Louis, Lucky, Coco, Anetra, Calvin and Nick for a brief time. After spending the full day and a few thousand dollars on drinks and nibbles, and with performances around their private pool, but we’ll received by the commoners in the not so V.I.P. pool, they headed back inside the hotel.

Thursday was a day of recovery. At 9am, Daniel, Andie & Kevin headed to Sugarcane to enjoy some quality time with Raquel and recover with some Strawberry Balsamic cocktails and those empanadas that would turn any Vegan back to meat. Andie had to leave to get their nails done, so Daniel and Kevin wandered around the casino critiquing people’s obviously poor decisions in life, be it their choice of clothing, partners, voices, inability to realize a walk way is for walking. Although no formal thanks were given, Danny & Kevin knew they were doing good. Kevin won $96.45 on a Buffalo machine with his first spin so he cashed out a winner. That evening they went to the incredible Mott 32 restaurant and were joined again by Andie, as well as their friends Bo and Elliott with 2 Ts. The previous time they went to Mott 32 Kevin had the Tasting Menu which was outstanding, so this time he wanted to try the Peking Duck. The chef brought a gorgeous golden bird over to the table and began slicing. Daniel had previously prepared Kevin that the skin will come first, which should be drizzled with the brown sugar, and the taste is that of bacon, maybe better. He was not lying. The skin was incredibly delicious and really very similar in taste to bacon. The meat was then placed in front of Kevin, which he devoured. It was so juicy and delicious, this is a recommendation if you’re ever in Vegas. They finished their meal, after plenty of Las Vegas gossip was exchanged, hugged and kissed goodbye with promises to see Bo & Elliott with 2 Ts the following evening at the Area 15 show.

Friday, Day of the Drag. Gerry flew in and joined Daniel, Andie & Kevin for starters at Sugarcane with the lovely Raquel. Then the headed over to Senor Frogs to see the best Drag Brunch ever, and the only one on the strip. This is Daniel’s home away from home, I don’t think he has missed a single show. The queens even created a Spice Girl number in his honor. We were greeted by Toshia and Lucky at the front. Toshia is such a doll and I was so happy I finally got to see her again. Lucky, there are no words to describe what an amazing person he is. They went to Daniel’s usual table and were greeted by Andrew, another friend of theirs and then were joined by Melanie and her friend, as well as the Doubletime Twins. Voss Events knows how to put on a show, and these outstanding Drag queens deliver every time. The food had not been re-established but the unlimited mimosas and cocktails had, so a great time was had by all. After the show everyone parted ways to re-establish themselves for the evening Drag show. Melanie, Gerry & Kevin returned to the Venetian to gamble some, Gerry decided it best to head up to the room for a little powernap, so this allowed Kevin to introduce Melanie to the fabulous cocktails of Sugarcane (even though we had plans to go their the following morning as well). Kevin received a text from Danny that they were in a car accident. This terrified the shit out of the trio, so they sat eagerly by waiting for any update on their status. Both Danny & Andie were fine, just a little sore. Some bitch from Florida in a rental car went flying through a red light. Since there is no such thing as hell, Kevin began thinking of how to lock this woman in her car and set it on fire. She could have seriously hurt or killed someone and she should pay. Glad to know their hosts were doing ok,, the continued with their plans. Time flies when your having great drinks, nibbles and conversation because before they knew it, it was almost time to get picked up by Danny and his limo to go see the next show. Melanie headed back to her hotel and Kevin went upstairs to change and wake Gerry, which is no easy task, and requires creative and manipulative skills.

The crowd arrived at Area 15, this included Daniel, Andie, Kevin, Gerry, Melanie, Nick, and his group of 4 friends who as I said before are all lovely, but drinking takes away names at times. The security guard in line was a sweetheart referring to the group as kids and said he could be their father. This resulted with the security guard being called Daddy for the rest of the evening. The group were seated in the front row center section, which isn’t intended for ten people, but they made it work. Bo was hosting the show and introduced the audience to HRH Daniel, to which Danny slightly lifted up his arm and wavied graciously to his many fans and admirers (Imagine Queen Elizabeth’s wave). The show was remarkable, not just the drag queen performers, but also their incredibly limber and sexy dancers. If anyone were sober enough to give a more descriptive critique of the magical show, they were not really there. After the show Kevin was approachedby a few people(thanks to Bo for having Kevin stand up and be introducedto the crowd) most of these people were drunk women. One woman in her twenties or early thirties cake over to express her admiration, but then her mother came over who was really intoxicatedand began filling in Kevin with all of the details of her 3 hours of sex the previous night. She went on to explain that she was a slut and not a hooker, because she has sex for fun, not money. Yeah, I’m living the dream. The limo driver finally arrived and was an ASSHOLE, no AC in the car, attempted to double charge Daniel for a shorter trip and was obviously homophobic. Not that anyone would miss him, but his body is now half buried about 15 minutes outside of Vegas being picked clean by vultures.

Saturday had arrived, this was Kevin’s last day in town, with a flight departure set for 9pm. Daniel, Melanie, Gerry & Kevin had their farewells at Sugarcane with Raquel promising to return soon, and then made their way to The Garden for, drumroll please, another Drag Brunch Show. Although the performers were first rate, the food and cocktail menu had lost a few items and the ticket prices had increased. After the show, Daniel returned home to recuperate and Melanie, Gerry and Kevin headed back to Melanie’s hotel for a lounge around the pool. Although 108 degree farenheit outside, the cool pool water helped with the uncomfortable heat. Sadly the kitchen had closed an hour before we arrived and the bar closed quickly after we arrived, but their Espresso Martini was delicious. The trio played in the pool for a while having lovely conversations and then realizing it was already six and Mel & Gerry are supposed to meet Daniel for the buffet at 7, they headed quickly back to Melanie’s room. After final hugs had been given, Kevin headed to the airport for his departure. Although Las Vegas is always a roaring good time, he was somewhat relieved to be returning home. The knowledge that he would be back in 50 days for HRH Danny Lee’s Gold Ball Birthday party sustained him.

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