Old Boyfriends

To quote the Golden Girls:
Sophia: You know how hard it is to make out with a guy when his sister’s sitting next to you? Blanche & Rose: Boy do I ever!

I can relate. In my younger days, I was supposed to hang out with this girl I met at a fair with some friends, nothing serious, just watching a movie together. Her brother was a couple years older and drove her. Oddly enough he decided to stayed with us. We got our tickets and entered the theater. He sat to my right, while she sat to my left. Again, these were my younger days so I had no idea if this girl thought this was a date or just hanging out. Well half way through the film the brother grabbed my right hand with his left hand and just held it. I didn’t read too much into it, as on a theatre field trip, I remember a straight classmate named Joe held my hand for the two hour ride back to school.

I digress. Back in the movie theater, the brother kept leaning over and whispering things to me about the film, and massaging my hand as he did so, One time he leaned in, but instead of whispering, he kissed my neck. I was shocked, but not dissatisfied. He was handsome, a little taller than I, latino, pretty eyes and a nice smile. The brother slowly held my hand and moved it over to caress his 6 pack. That was nice. He waited a few minutes and then leaning over me whispered to his sister asking her to go get some popcorn. She said she needed to use the ladies room anyway, so she would be back in a bit. Our four eyes were pinned on her as she descended the stairs and rounded the corner to exit the theater. As soon as she had, he reach across me, grabbing my shoulder and head and we started making out. He was an incredible kisser. This was a new experience for me, so I enjoyed it, not to mention the thrill of the sister coming back at any minute. Although we both were enjoying the moment very much, we knew we had to stop before the sister returned. Once she did, we went back to holding hands and eating popcorn.

When the movie had finally ended, we headed out. We all said what a wonderful time we had. The sister kissed me on the cheek goodbye and said we need to hang out again soon. The brother winked at me and said he hoped to see me again soon too. We went out just the two of us a week later, and dated for a few months. Unfortunately, both of us being in separate high schools, we didn’t have enough time to devote to one another, so we drifted apart. It was a great relationship, with an interesting start. He wasn’t out to his family, and as far as I know still isn’t, but I hope that he is happy wherever he is now.

I don’t have any photos of him, but here are some photos of a few of my boyfriends and lovers from high school.

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