This year was lucky enough to host His Royal Highness Danny Lee presents The Gold Ball to celebrate his 36 23rd Birthday! To be completely honest, I have been planning and preparing for this day for over 9 months. Daniel created the most amazing event for his friends and family to enjoy. This was a Drag Show to beat any Drag show that had ever taken place. The hours of thoughtful preparations and creation by Daniel cannot be properly counted. Gold Attire was HIGHLY encouraged, and for everyone who followed, they looked incredible. I could describe it all for you, but it really was a visual experience, so I’ll just share a ton of photos and videos.

Daniel’s beautiful gown was created by the masterful Calvin. A gorgeous dress inspired by Ginger Spice, Geri Halliwell, reunion tour union jack dress. When DannyLee made his spectacular entrance the crowd lept to their feet for 16 and one half minutes of uninterrupted standing ovation. The dress: Blue, Red, white with Gold accents. It put everyone to shame. This dress is a piece of art that should be hung in a museum.

As you can see, my outfit was evolving for a few months, luckily for me I ordered about 3 dozen yards of gold fabric, so I had plenty to create with. It started out as a gold suit, but then I dropped my pants (big surprise) and created a crinoline hoop skirt, much more regal. The handmade gold bowtie was a headache I would prefer not to discuss. But grab me a drink and I’ll bitch for days. Thanks to the fabulous Loopee Chenile who talked me through it. I am nowhere near Calvin’s level, but I was very proud of what I had created.

The drinks and food were delicious, and the show was outrageously incredible. Even though a few folks did not understand their roles (not saying names), to those who didn’t know the backstage drama, it was amazing!

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