July ’21 Vegas Trip

At the end of July, 2021 I took yet another trip to Las Vegas, don’t look at me like that, you go to Vegas every month too. This journey was incredibly special however as it was to celebrate the one and on Danny Lee’s Birthday! I flew Delta First class, and let me just say, not worth it. Read my post about it here.

Daniel and I met at the Venetian, threw my bags down and headed to Sugarcane to start the say right with a strong drink, delicious food and outstanding staff. It was very sad though as Raquel our dearest friend and greatest waitress ever was not working or even in town for the entirety of my trip. But we still love her, and hope to see her soon. Here is the itinerary of the trip that Daniel so lovingly created, edited, edited some more and dispensed to his guest:

Friday night at the Garden was a blast, the queens were amazing, Ms. Las Vegas or Ms. Nevada was there, and the bottle service at the table was fantastic. Our server was 21 shirtless, with the hardest, smoothest body I have ever had the pleasure of embracing. The strippers on the boxes were fun as well, they even let me get on the box and dance too. It was a great starting off point.

The next day was Drag Brunch at Señor Frogs by Voss Events. Even with the construction happening upstairs in the usual space, they took over the restaurant downstairs and delivered another unparalleled show for the guest. I was so excited to see Toshia and Lucky again, and they even made a special reservation sign for Danny’s table, knowing what a picky bitch she can be. The buffet was back on, so we all pigged out. The performers killed it with their numbers, Hot Chocolate, Anetra(who I’m madly in love with), Roxy Brooks-Lords, Yara Sofia all hosted by the Queen of Ceremonies herself, Shannel! One amazing addition to the show was the dancers who proved their talent all across the stage. The one behind me in the photo below is my favorite.

The next day was utter chaos, we headed over to Caeser’s Palace to set up the suite for the after party. The room wasn’t ready when Danny tried to check in so we went to go grab a bite, but then he got a call it was ready, but he had to return to the long ass line in the front to get the keys. We found a working kiosk to get the key, but when we went to the room, it didn’t work. I suggested, as the suite was two floors, we go to the floor below to try, but as the suite number was on this floor, that didn’t make much sense. Daniel called and had security meet us upstairs to open the door, as we had bags and bags of costumes, alcohol, snacks and more. We finally got into the suite, threw our stuff down and went downstairs to Gordon Ramsay’s pub for a little nosh. As soon as our food arrives, Danny’s make-up artist calls and says he’s standing in front of the door to the suite. As this was the day of the Gold Ball, Daniel’s big day, I didn’t want him feeling rushed, or pressured or stressed, so I went upstairs to let him in, while Daniel got the food and drinks to go and brought them up. Andie arrivedwith more party supplies so I helped them bring it up and as Andie and Danny worked on their make-up, I took it upon myself to zush up the suite. Boy it needed it, the suite itself was a bit of a messy disaster. It looked as though the room was built in 1980 and abandoned until we arrived. It wasn’t properly cleaned, stains on the floor, a sock in the windowsill, I will never stay at Caeser’s Palace after seeing this “Suite.” Danny had fun while getting his make-up done, he got to yell out orders to me, “bring me a drink!” “How am I supposedto drink this with no ice?” “No straw?!” She’s lucky I love her. The talented make-up artist had finished and it was time for Danny to head to the venue to make sure every thing there was ready. Andie and I stayed behind to break a few hundred dollars into ones and carry everything Daniel forgot to take with him(that bitch!). The walk to the Taxi line was a furnace three miles long, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone wearing cute outfits like Andie and I were. You can read about the Gold Ball here.

The after party was fun. That’s all I’ve got to say about that. The next morning Daniel and I packed up everything and I went back to the Venetian and he went home. Dinner that evening was not until 7:30pm at Sugarcane so I had time to rest. One element that was missing from the festivities this year was a cake. Daniel has had some incredible cakes made throughout the years for his birthday but this year he was doing so much he didn’t bother. I thought I’d get a cheesecake for his b-day, we Golden Girls fans do it right. I swung by Sugarcane early to see what cake options they had available, their dessert menu is top notch, but nothing like a cheesecake, the Manager suggested I try the Grand Lux Cafe just around the corner. I was able to get a cheesecake there in just 10 minutes. The outstanding manager even offered to keep the cake until after we finished dinner. They showed us to the private back room where we were to have dinner and the staff had Happy Birthday Balloons for Danny and a special table placard wishing him a happy birthday. You’ve heard me rave time and time again about the exquisite drinks, food and staff at Sugarcane, so I’ll just say we enjoyed it very much.

The final day of celebration had arrived and it was going to be spent at a private pool. I would like to remember more of it, but someone gave me gummy candy that turned out to have Marijuana in it. Had I but known, obviously I would not have eaten two of them. Let’s just say we had fun.

and that’s all she wrote. If anyone claims anything else happened they’re a liar and a fraud. I was very pleased that Daniel had an enjoyable birthday extravaganza, he worked hard and planned and organized like crazy to make it a true delight for all of his guest. Next year however, when he turns 25, it’s gonna be at Applebee’s.

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