Delta First Class

Recently, I took a flight to Las Vegas to celebrate my friend, Daniel’s Birthday. I was going to fly JetBlue Mint, as I had such an amazing experience last time, however they did not have any Mint flights on the days I was traveling. So I shopped around and purchased a Delta First Class round trip ticket. I was happy about the two checked bags, expedited airport experience, and when I booked, nobody else was seated in first class.

Unfortunately, the app used to check in and hold my digital ticket continually crashed 24 hours before my flight and through the following week. The expedited airport service was non-existent, as a few other first class passengers and I were hearded like cattle with the other “coachers.” On-board the flight the seats in first class were more wide than regular seats, and that’s where the glamour stops. The plane looked, felt and smelled as though it hadn’t been updated since the 1980’s. The personal entertainment system was the same size as regular JetBlue screens. The “food” was a box of pre-packaged fruit, nut and grain bars. I’m glad I had a few bacon cheeseburgers in my carry-on, or I would have been pissed.

The flight attendants were friendly and the ride was smooth, but overall, not worth the money. A regular JetBlue seat would have been a better bang for the buck.

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